10 Free and Useful Windows Desktop Gadgets

Windows desktop gadgets have been extremely popular in the recent years. These are small applications that work on your desktop computer and are also known as Windows gadgets or Windows Sidebar. Since a few years ago, Microsoft no longer supports uploading gadgets to their gallery, but the gadgets can still be obtained from other sources. If you are looking for free, useful and quality gadgets, we recommend you use the following 10 Windows desktop gadgets.

  1. All CPU Meter is one of the most highly valued and very popular gadgets you can find online. With this gadget you can check the usage of your processor as well as RAM usage, processor name, CPU frequency, and other things. It comes with different notifications, alerts and features that display all important information about your computer system.
  2. Battery Meter is perfect gadget to use if you want to monitor your computer battery. It clearly displays computer`s battery status, time and percentage remaining, charge rates, voltage, charge capacity and other useful information regarding the battery.
  3. Control System allows you to easily shut down, restart, standby or log-off your computer from the gadgets. A very easy and simple gadget for everyday use.
  4. Currency Metter allows you to monitor half a dozen foreign exchange rates for over hundred currencies. You can monitor the currency exchange market and get alerted when there are some changes going on.
  5. Drives Meter is helpful gadget with which you can monitor your SSD drives as well as HHD drives and flash drives. It will present you with information about used space on your drives and remaining free space, write speed, read speed, and other info.
  6. Earthquakes Meter is another useful and popular Windows gadget with which you can monitor all earthquakes in the world. The gadget displays the magnitude of the earthquake, its precise location, depth and time when it happened.
  7. GPU Meter allows you to monitor the graphics card of your computer. You will be presented with all information regarding the GPU such as usage, clock speed, temperature, memory, fan and other things.
  8. Network Meter quality gadget with advanced features. It shows you the external and internal IP addresses, strength of the network, blacklisted IP ratio, Internet speed, remaining data and total data usage, firewall check and info about your connection.
  9. Stock Meter is useful gadget for those that want to monitor the stocks, futures, index and mutual fund. It scans the market and searches for specific stock names.
  10. Weather Meter is great gadget for monitoring the weather in over three million towns and cities across the world. It displays low and high temperatures for the day, visibility, humidity, feel-like temperature, air pressure, wind direction and its speed, precipitation, cloud cover, sunrise and sunset times, length of day, moon phases and many more other options. This is by far the best free and most useful gadget for all weather buffs that want to be constantly informed about the weather.