Best Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets to Download

Today you have some very good options when it comes to desktop gadgets, despite Microsoft removing and replacing them with apps from Windows Store. Computer users love gadgets because they help them with different things and their popularity is very high. Now you can still download them and freely use them if you get them by third-party vendors. The following are the best Windows 10 desktop gadgets for you to download and use them whenever you need them. All of them come with some helpful options, so choose those that you believe will help you most.

Which Gadgets to Get

The choice is huge when it comes to which gadgets to download, but these are labeled the best. Install the most necessary gadgets first and then check out and get the others if possible. All of these come with wide variety of options and allows you check out many different things, so you will not make a mistake whichever you choose to use.

  • Avedesk is one of the basic, yet top programs to get for your Windows 10 desktop screen. All icons on your desktop will be well-organized and will come with helpful plug-ins that will allow you to multitask. Basically, with Avedesk you will have many shortcuts that will allow you to quickly access all necessary and important gadgets like organizer, email, calculator, etc.
  • App Launcher is one of the best user-friendly widgets you can find online. It functions like a bar for launching and all you need to do is drag the gadgets or apps you need to the desktop screen. It is free and very easy to use, so you will benefit a lot if you get it.
  • Gadgets Revived will let you obtain those gadgets you need the most. First you need to download the installer and with it you can then select all those gadgets that you require. Essential gadgets are grouped in over dozen different categories, so you can get some useful gadgets that can help you for your everyday work.
  • Margu-Notebook Info 2 is ideal for multitasking. With it you can do several things at once, monitor computer battery, network strength, RAM usage and many other things.
  • Network Meter is one of the most used gadgets in the world because it allows people to get detailed reports about their online connection. You can check your download speed and see other connectivity issues.
  • 8GadgetPack lets you get the most common apps for your system. Some gadgets included in this pack include Reminder, Drives and CPU Meter, Currency, Clipboard and others.
  • Win10Widgets will meet your needs including battery, Wi-Fi connection and music. With it you can also adjust your screen size and customize wallpapers. All gadgets are coordinated with this tool and you can change their priority as you wish.
  • XWidget is popular for creative people and designers as it allows editing and creating different animations. It is very stable and it has top graphics.