Most Wanted Windows Desktop Gadgets

Windows desktop gadgets are great for tracking important information. People use them because they provide valuable and very useful information. Today there are numerous gadgets coming with great features and variety of options. If you want to cut some time searching for most popular and best desktop gadgets, then you are at the right place. The following are the currently most wanted Windows desktop gadgets for you to use.

  • Activity Tracker is popular gadget that is very easy and simple to use. It provides you with information regarding the time you have spent on working on certain task. In simple words, it functions as a punch-card system. Whenever you start a task just click IN and when you are done click OUT. The gadget will track the exact time spent on working and you can get some nicely detailed graphs that can be exported to Excel.
  • Atom and RSS News Reader is a gadget that will keep you informed about all your important and favorite news feeds. You can easily modify its appearance and select how often you want the feeds to be refreshed. Switching between different news feeds is done easily just by clicking on the arrows on the top side of the desktop gadget.
  • Facebook Explorer is one of the most wanted Windows desktop gadgets because there are millions of users of this social media platform. If you are devoted Facebook user then you will love this gadget. Install it and just click to connect. Then the gadget will let you update your status, check out different Facebook events and notifications, keeps you informed about the Facebook activity of your friends, and you can even Like photos and pages or post comments directly from the gadget.
  • System Control allows you to easily control and command things to your computer system from one control panel. You can shut down, restart, log-off or switch computer users through the panel. This is a very good gadget if you want to control everything in your computer from one place.
  • Twadget is a very popular gadget designed for Twitter users. With this gadget you can post on Twitter and get alerted for updates directly to your desktop. It is very easy to use and all you need to do is just type in your Twitter handle and that is it.
  • Weather Center keeps you updated about the weather in very sophisticated and detailed manner. This gadget provides you with all important weather data such as air pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature, and it forecasts weather for up to nine days in advance.
  • Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor is excellent gadget for laptop users. You can easily manage wireless internet networks, check out which ones are available and see the strength of their signal. This gadget can also be used for disabling the network adapter and it displays some very interesting usage statistics. It is customizable app that will give you valuable information regarding everything relating to wireless internet networks.